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i love you more than you will ever know [26 Nov 2005|10:38pm]
[ mood | happy ]

for the past week i've been sick...... so i didn go to school mon, tues, weds...and thurs. was thanksgiving so i was kinda still sick but 10x better....

friday.. did nothing during the day then at night i went to andrewwwwwsss<3 and we watched the weirdest movie ever and most perverted movie with his dad and we like left in the middle cause it was really nasty... haha

todayyyyy it was my cousins first birthday party at 4... and got home at i dont know when and then andrew came overrrr.... oh yaaaaaaaaaa

anddddddddddddd 2morra is the 1 year anniversary of johnny depp dayyy ! WITH DIANAAAANANANAANAAAAA<3333333 i cant waitttttt !!!!!!!!!!


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babe, i love you [17 Nov 2005|02:58pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

so hi.
school has been pretty good i guess.

today was sooo freakin funny
i was really tired and quiet for like the first 3 periods i dno i kinda felt sick..soooooo i was blahh
so i got into global and we watched a movie.. the last samurai which is actually pretty interesting and i didn wanna leave that class cause i wanted to watch the rest.. hehe ya anywho.
spanish we had a speaking test which i was stressing out for but then i did good.. woohooo
lunch was hysterical. me and jess were extremly hyper... and we laughed at anything.
"im coming for you my preciousss" "oh... hi mom" "hi precious.. having fun?" hahaha.. "daddy... i want a squierrl..." hahaha JUMPING JOHOSAFATSSSSS.. woody woodpecker and such and when we went to go see sara and nick we walked down the hall and jess was like "LETS HIDE BEHIND THE LOCKERS" and we all of the sudden saw nick and sara come by and we ran right into the lockers and they were like.. YA LIKE WE DIDN SEE YOUUU. and then jess jumped out to scare them and there was a teacher walking by and she jumped out and was like. "BOOO!!!!..ohh" ahahahaha wow good times
child development was funny too.... "WHO TURNED OFF THE ROCKIN TUNES!!!!!!!!" hahah and god said SMITE YOU JETSKIII!! haha good times.. that table is great. "CAUSE IM YOUR LADYYYY" haha
english .. me, brittany, and aaron brought back memories of hey arnold. "I SAW YOUR FACE AND WOW!!!!!!!" "DONT HIT ME.... ILL HIT MEEE!" hahaha wow..

okay im done.

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so i waste time by stealing surveys from diana.. and updating twice in the same day.... awesome [13 Nov 2005|08:21pm]
[Name] megan
[Age] 15
[Sex] female
[School] smithtown high school east
[State] new york
[Exact Location] MY BASEMENT FOO
[Current Date] 11/13/05
[Current Time) 8:22
[Clothes] smithtown soccer sweatshirt, eeyore sweatpants... be jealous
[Weather] ehhh okay i guess
[Hair Do] down. straight
[Footwear] barefoot yo
[Mood] happyyyyy
[Talking To] no one my a/m is up
[Sounds] journey... dont stop believin'

[h][o][w] [m][a][n][y]
[Cups On Desk] 1
[Pets] 2 dogsssss
[Siblings] 1 sister
[Crushes] hehe its not exactly a crush anymore
[Cousins] oh god i gotta count..11
[Aunts] 5
[Uncles] 4

[h][o][w] [m][a][n][y] [t][i][m][e][s] [p][e][r] [d][a] [y] [d][o] [y][o][u]
[Change Clothes] uhhh once? if im going out somewhere
[Shower] once sometimes twice
[Brush Your Teeth] twice
[Wash Your Face] once
[Brush Your Hair] only a few
[Eat] ALOTTTTTT i love food okay
[Say the Word "ok"] i just said it.. haha i say it alot i guess??
[Yell at Your Siblings] only if were both in bad moods
[Slam Doors] if im pissed i do it alot

[Nicest] all of them
[Coldest] ...... no one
[Smartest] diana
[Tallest] diana
[Shortest] ..........me
[Most Fashionable] all my friends are pretty fashionable
[Smells Best] they all smell pretty good too.
[Weirdest Conversations] me and kelly, me and diana
[Deepest Conversations] me and kelly
[Stupidest Conversations] andrew, jess
[Best Liar] they dont exactly lie.
[Hottest] there all hot i can't take it
[Most Annoying] were basicly all annoying
[Best] kelly,andrew,maddie,diana,donna,jess,katie
[Most Organized] me kinda.. when it comes to school
[Least Organized] hmmmm kelly
[Always Late] kelly
[Always Early] jess and andrew
[Always On Time] uhhhh everyone else...?

[h][a][b][i][t][s] [(do you)]
[Bite Your Nails] not too much
[Stress] if theres a test i didn study for
[Take out Your Issues On Others] not really unless its really bad
[Self Injure- (ex: cut, burn, pull hair)] no
[Flirt Too Much] i dont know girls never know when they flirt
[Eat Too Much] PSHTRHTH I EAT 24/7 !
[Have an Eating Disorder] no
[Tend to Judge People] no
[Any Other Habits?] if i get nervous i poke my nose (long story) or play with the back of my ear

[f][o][r] [a] [m][i][l][l][i][o][n] [b][u][c][k][s] [(would you)]
[Name Your Kid Dammit] hahhahahahahaha no
[Strip For Your Classmates] oh god no
[Shave Your head] no i like my hair
[Wax Off Your Eyebrows] uhhhhhh that would hurt
[Wax An Old man's Back] ewwwwwwww
[Sit In a Cage With 4 Hungry Wolves] oh ya let me tell ya... NOOO
[Eat A Snake] ew im deathly afraid of them
[Make Out With Your Best Friends Boyfriend] no
[Swim With The Jelly Fish] there mean
[Make Out With Your Teacher] oh god no!
[Strip At a School Pep Assembly] ew no
[Stand up In Class And Flip Your Teacher The Bird] nooo unless if they pissed me off

[a][l][m][o][s][t] [o][v][e][r]
[Why Did You Take This Survey] cause im bored and i have no life
[What's The Time Now] 8:40
[What Are You Doing After This] talking on the phone with andrew

love: is a many splendored thing. hehehe thanks moulin rouge
pictured your crush naked?: oh god
actually seen your crush naked: no
been in love: yes im in love now
gives you a funny feeling when you see them: yes
do you have a crush on someone?: i love andrew
someone have a crush on you?: ^^^^^^^
fallen for your best friend: yes... thats who im going out with
rejected someone: yea..... sad
used someone: no
been cheated on: no
done something you regret: maybe
last person you hugged: andrew
kissed: andrew
like watching sunrises or sunset: sunset
Tall or Short: shortttttttt
Fat or Thin: i dont care
Muscular or No Muscles: i dont care once again
Hair Color: I DONT CARE
Hair Style: I DONT CARE
Smart, Average or Stupid: I DONT CARE
Sexy or Cute: I DONT CARE
Gentle or Rough: god wtf I DONT CARE
Touchy Feely or Keeps Distance: touchy feely
Calm or Wild: ehhh both
Good girl or boy or Bad girl or boy: mixture
Describe your perfect date: dinner, then walking on the beach and watching the sunset
Who were you with the longest: uhmmm
Who was your first crush?: im not telling you
Who was your biggest crush: oh god 7th-9th
Who did you like but they didnt like you: alot of people
Do you ever dwell over girls\boys that you don't like anymore?: not really
Do you have an STD?: no
Do you have a repuation?: uhhhh sure.. im pretty much a straight edge as im called by everyone.. whatev's IM PROUD
Do you ever have a song with anyone?: yaaaaaaaa
What is the song?: my best friend/dirty little secret
Who do you share it with?: andrew
Have you ever stolen anyone's girlfriend or boyfriend?: no
Have you ever had a girlfriend or boyfriend stolen from you? no
Have you ever had a friend who liked the same girl\boy as you? ya
Who got her/him? no one hahhaha
Was either of you angry about the decision?: it didn happen
Do you have bad luck with girls\boys: i thought i did BUT NOT ANYMORE JNK!KJQEoipsRy;[l
Do you get jealous easily: sometimes....
Have you ever had your heart broken to the point of break down?: yes.
Are you desperate: no
Do you want to get married: ya
Do you want to have kids: ya
How many?: 3
Where do you want to get married: in a nice church
Will you write your own vows: hm maybe
do you prefer to peck... or tongue: both
are you a passionate kisser: ya
where do you like to be touched when you are being kissed: neck, hips
do you prefer your eyes open or closed: closed
do you prefer their eyes open or closed: closed
do you like to kiss: ya
do you prefer kisses or hugs: both
do you like your ears and neck to be kissed: ya but i crack up everytime
have you kissed someone with braces before: yea
who is the last person you kissed: andrew
where do you want to be kissed: lips
where (besides your lips) have you been kissed: forehead, cheeks, neck
how long was your longest kiss: a long time
shortest kiss: a second?
do you think you're a good kisser: i should ask next time
have you ever kissed someone on a dare: uhmm just a peck
Who is the cutest/sexiest guy/girl?: well andrew of course... but... DAVID WRIGHT<3
Are you in love?: yes
What do you look for in a b/f or g/f?: sense of humor, easy to talk to, always there, nice
Humor/Intelligence/Charisma? all
How often do you think about sex?: never
Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?: ew no
is it really wrong for girls to fart and burp in front of others?: haha no
Would you like to see your neighbor naked?: ew no
ever got horny over a sex/love scene in a normal (not porn) movie?: ew no
Have you ever said I love you to someone and meant it?: yeahhh
Have you ever had a member of the opposite sex in your bedroom?: yeap
Perfect Wedding Song?: "thats when ill stop loving you" -nsync
Who is the last person who asked for your digits?:ahahaha i dont know
Have you ever had sex?: nope
Do you own handcuffs?: noo

great fun.
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just a small town girl living in a lonely world [13 Nov 2005|08:14pm]
[ mood | good ]

sooo just got back from woodloch pines, ehh i guess it was okay.. kinda boring to me though cause im so used to going on vacation to disney and waking up at 9 and not going back to the hotel till midnight and there it was like..blahhhhh and i was like "no roller coasters... psht no fun." i need to go on vacation and do something 24/7 i dont like laying around cause then it's boring.. well thats just me. so ya i was extremly happy coming home. i dno i like long island every other place is boring cause im soo used to chaos in new york. sooooo yaaaaa thats ittt.. <33

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why do i listen to my humps alot.....? [08 Nov 2005|08:58pm]
[ mood | happy ]

so.... things have been amazing......

i got my braces off on friday, so kell and andrew came over.. and those sneaky kids got me flowers.. they planned this behind my back.. those losers but i love them =] so yaaa then kell invited andrew a. over and we chilleddddd BRACE-LESS woooo...

sat- did nothing during the dayy then at like 7:15ish andrew picked me up to go see saw 2... eeee scary stuff... i had my eyes closed the whole time. causeeeee im a chickennn =] so yaaaaaaaa the first one was scarier but this one was more... blood... :/ and half the freakin school was at the movies... it was intense...

sun- church..stuff..out for my nannys birthday... and i had a really good time. i love my family. we went out to dinner and then went back to my nannys for cake and stuff, so my aunt kerry made a list of like 70 things i love about you or something and one was when my nanny would do a chicken walk to make the kids laugh before going to bed.. so everyones like "come on do it!!" and my nanny was like.. well someones gotta be in bed so my whole family ran into my nanny and poppys room and laid on the bed and we all waited for her to do it and she did it and it was sooo funny and then my uncle made a slid show of my mom and her sisters and her brother.. it was cute.. and then we left came home and showered and stuff got ready for school.. yeyyy

schooolll-been okay i guess....


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take this pink ribbon off my eyesssss [03 Nov 2005|07:17pm]
[ mood | excited ]




HEHEHEHEHEHE im sohappyyyyy








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YOUR ALL I EVER WANTEDDD YAYAYAYAAA nsynccccc [26 Oct 2005|05:53pm]
[ mood | weird ]

9 days till my braces come off.

!!&*#^(@*$()(%&*)()@(()!( teeehheeee soooooo exciteddddd............ya...................BYEEEE <3

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open the door let your love come down [25 Oct 2005|09:30pm]
[ mood | cold ]

i want it to be the weekend right now.
i want a johnny depp day right now.
...and i want it to stop being cold

megan + cold ... do not mix
plus the fact that our school is like. below zero in every classroom cause our school is poor and can't put heat on for us poor freezing children, and it's leaking cause of all the rain.. goodness... so ya i've been freezing for like the past week and i don't like it, i want it to be summer again i want hot weatherrrrr
yaaaa im doneeee


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i will make you see all of the things that you can be, believe in yourself [22 Oct 2005|01:20pm]
[ mood | happy ]

so im bored, and i got this from diana, i always seem to steal her surveys =]

*Is your first name? megan
*Are your nickname(s)? meg, meggy, megiisha
*Are you currently wearing? hollister sweatshirt, and the sweat pants me and maddie bought.
*Jewelry are you currently wearing? tinkerbell necklace, earings
*Is on your computer desk? phone, camera, soda
*Is the color walls of your room? white
*Makes you happy? my friends, and listening to any kind of weezer song cause i always seem to get in a good mood.
*Sad? feeling alone
*Depressed? when i think about my friends that moved
*Tired? .. doing nothing
*Do you do for exercise? i run on the treadmill, ya what of it? and i play softball
*Is your most common overused phrase online? lol
*Movie did you last watch? cry-baby =]
*Was the last thing you over reacted about? uhmm..
*Obsessed about? johnny depp or david wright
*Spazzed about? haha during spanish, i had such bad chills and when im cold i spaz out..
*Was the last creative thing you did/made? a basket to carry my egg baby in
*Played? uhhhhh
*Raved about? my braces coming off.. heheheee
*Ranted about? haha my braces coming off.. heheheheheeeeeeeee
*Was the last thing of that you put in a picture frame? i printed pics out and put them on my wall, not in a frame
*Program you clicked? windows media player
*Shampoo you use? pantene proV
*Conditioner? ^^^^^^^^
*Way are you wearing your hair? down, its wet cause i just got out of the shower... its curling. GOD DAMNIT
*Mood are you in now? pretty good mood
*Was the last candy you ate? lolli pop
*Is your favorite ice cream flavor? cookie doughhhhhhh
*Was the last song you listened to? hehe "follow me" jamie lynn spears DONT MAKE FUN ITS A COOL SONG
*Was the last channel you watched? mtv
*Was the last thing you succeded in/at? uhhh getting a b on my bio quiz. yyaya
*Failed in/at? hm...
*Do you turn to when your bored? my sterio
*Time of the day do you usually shower? before i go to beddddd
*Time do you go to bed at night? like 10:30ish on school night.. weekends.. 11:30 or 12
*Wake up for school/work? 6:20
*Color are your nails/toenails currently? nails nothing, toe nails- pink
*Did you last put away? a hair brush
*Throw away? sunflower seeds =]
*Thing you spent a lot of money on? uhh i really dont know
*Big event you attended? hm......
*Is on the floor of your room? clothes
*Are you up to on the weekends? friends houses, out somewhere.... JOHNNY DEPP DAYSSSSS
*Was the last joke you made? i mostly laugh.. i dont make many jokes
*Are you known for? being and obsessed met fan
*Was the last name you were called? beautiful.. my mom said it to me when i woke up and i looked like crap.. made me feel special.. haha

*Subject? english
*Food? bbq chips.....
*Beverage? diet coke.. everything else tasters syrupy
*Item of clothing from your wardrobe? long sleeve shirts
*Accessories? my tinkerbell necklace
*Music artist? green day or weezer <3333333
*Recent movie? charlie and the chocolate factory
*Older movie? MOULIN ROUGE<3!#@)!(

*CD in player? a burned cd i made cause my mp3 player was dead
* website you went to? lj
*Thing you ate? sunflower seeds................
*Drank? diet coke
*Listened to? "follow me" jamie lynn spears.. once again..
*Wrote? .... uh the last quetsion you asked me..
*Turned on? music....
*Turn off? light
*Read? this survey..
*Watched? i havent watched tv yet today..
*Fixed? uhmmm.. i dno
*Purchased? i dno
*Said out loud? hahaaaa child development.. "someone whos obsessed with sex"-someone at my table.. me laying down on table and popped up.. "SEXAHOLIC!!!" hahahaha
*Craved? a twix
*Talked about? stuff

*Did you last eat out? ruby tuesdays
*Drive to? orthodontist
*Shop? american eagle.
*Where you born? stony broookkkk
*Do you go to school? shs..... EAST
*Do you first go when you go to the mall? american eagle
*Are you when you're having fun? my basement.. its pretty cool
*Are you when you get a slice of free time? sleeping... or........... rocking out to music
*Was the last place you took a vacation to? florida!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Many times a day do you brush your teeth? twice
*Apply deodorant? two
*often do you shower? once a day
*Is the weather out? cold + rainy
*Do you approach a hot guy? wow
*Do you come off when you like someone? i dno myself..
*Many people are in your house? four
*Many people are you talking to on IM? 1
*Messy is your room? not that bad
*Many glasses of water do you drink a day? i drink like 5 water bottles
*Often do you cry? if i watch a sad movie.. or.... get upset for a certain reason
*Often do you paint your nails? my toe nails gotta be painted.. i dno why
*Many hours of tv do you watch per week? not alot cause of school
*Often do you go to the mall? when ever i need to shop
*See a movie? when theres a good movie out
*Rent a movie? only when im dieing to see one
*Have long night conversations on the phone? almost never.
*Many times a year do you go on vacation? whenever my parents feel like it
*Many times have you traveled by plane? like 8 times
*Been to another continent? no...
*Old were you when you learned to ride your bike? i dont remember
*Tie your shoe? i dno?

*Who is/are your best friend(s)? kelly and andrew
*Do you trust the most? kelly and andrew
*The craziest? kelly, jess
*Funniest? kelly, jess, andrew
*Quietest? kim
*Most intelligent? diana
*Most sheltered? whaa?/-
*Goes by the rules? ..... MEEEEEEEEEEEEE
*Weirdest? diananaaaaaaaa
*Do you have the most fun with? kelly, andrew, diana, jess
*Who last asked you out? ah i dont feel like answering that
*Last dumped by? blah
*Kissed by? blah
*Hugged? my cousins
*Said I love you to? MY MOMMYY
*Was your last crush? uhhhhh
*Did you last IM? kelly
*Call? my nanny
*Say "hi" to? ..andrew when we were on the phone
*Did you last compliment? uhhhhh
*Is your favorite band? WEEZER - GREEN DAY
*Singer? kelly clarkson
*Is your idol? i have alot..
*Called you last? andrew
*Did you last email? i dont do that
*Receive and email from? livejournal
*Who/what did you last cry about? gerrrrrrrr
*Who did you last yell at? hmmm
*Laugh with? ...... people...
*Make a joke about? hmm
*Did you last lie to? no one
*Was the last person in your mind? ....ya
*Can you trust with your whole life? kelly and andrew
*Will go out of their way just to do something you ask? kell and andrew
*Was your 3rd grade teacher? mrs pettruzeli
*5th? mr andolina
*8th? stoddard, field, murray, kilkenny, weiser, etcccc
*Was your first best friend? kate
*Did you last have a dream about? uhhhhh.. david wright
*Did you last cuss at? hmm

*Did you wake up today? 10:20.. BEAUTIFULLL
*Was the last time you showered? 2 hours aho
*Brushed your teeth? this morning
*Combed your hair? when i got out of the shower
*Listened to music? ....now
*Took a nap? ... like a week ago..
*Watched a good TV program? survivorrrrrrrr
*Went on a walk? not recently
*Yelled? hmm
*Screamed? i was hyper so i just screamed
*Spoke a different language? friday. stooopit spanish
*Read a book? friday
*Magazine? like 2 weeks ago
*Went shopping? a while ago
*Cried of happiness? when i saw britttttt yesterday after school i havent seen her in monthes
*Pigged out? when i was pms-ing
*Went to a new website? uhhh
*Talk to your crush/boyfriend/girlfriend? ......
*Someone turned you down? hasnt happend yet
*Kissed you? 9th
*Someone gave you a compliment? about my haircut?? i dno when
*Petted an animal? todayyy my puppiesssss
*Dissed someone? hahahaha
*Bought something you didn't need? nah
*Took a picture? of my puppy.. im cool
*Went swimming? summer...
*Had a big meal? hasent happend yet
*Went over to someone's house? hmmphhh dianasssss
*Truly said "I love you"? i said i love you to my dog.
*Made a fool out of yourself? i do that everyday ... okay
*Tripped? i tripped over my own 2 feet
*Stuttered? when i was reading really fast.. hehe
*Sang in the shower? not lately
*Ate something sweet? i had some chocolate yesterday
*Sneezed? i sneezed like 18 times yesterday.. NO JOKE

Are you...
*Caring? ya
*Optimistic? ya
*Negative? ya
*Depressed? sometimes
*Angry? no
*In shitty moods? ahh sometimes
*Peaceful? ya
*Athletic? ya
*Original? IM MYSELF FOO
*Unique? sure.. some people tell me that
*Pro-active? uhmm
*Funny? ya
*Intelligent? ehhh
*Dumb? ehh
*Retarded? only when im hyper
*Silly? ya
*Annoying to others? you tell me that
*Whiny? only to my parents
*Insecure? nope
*Mature? sometimes
*Wise? ya
*Happy? ya
*Sensitive? ya
*Independent? sometimes
*Lonely? ehh not entirely
*Friendly? ya
*Attractive to others? sure
*Talkative? ya
*Shy? only if i dont know you
*Sheltered? sure
*Sweet? ya
*Artistic? oh ya let me tell ya
*Creative? sure
*Open minded? sure
*Close minded? sure
*Weird? ya
*Daring? no entirely
*Different? ya i guess i hate following the crowd
*Ambitious? sure

Do you...
*Love yourself? ya
*Have good friendships? ya
*Believe in yourself? ya most of the time
*Like someone right now? ya
*Go after your goals and dreams? sometimes
*Like your life? yeap
*Have a lot of friends or a few close ones? a few close ones =]
*Believe music is life? YES
*Think your smart? when im positive
*A good person? ya sure
*You think if you were someone else would you be friends with yourself? uhh sure?


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ohhhhhh [21 Oct 2005|06:31pm]
[ mood | cold ]

heyyaaaa... ya my pictures from the previous entry dont show up.. stoooopit.

sooooo schools been good... uhmmm

bio- blahhh notes...
study hall- "girls be quiet... HAHAHAH.." "you must be a good story teller..." haha
math- stuffffffffff
global- all she does is talk and i sleep
spanish- hahaha me and megan are pretty smart in that class let me tell yaa
lunch- me kelly megan and alex were talking about things that creep you out, like scary movies and stuff.. and kells home alone for the weekend, and she was freakin herself out.. it was funny..
lunch- ONCE AGAINNN blahhh jess was not there =[
child development- were talking about how babies are formed.. and kelly is soo interested in this its funny "psttt AHHHH" hahah that class is so great ... "someone who is like.. obsessed with sex... A SEXAHOLIC !!!!" ahaha and then my teacher used that as an example and i started cracking up.. hahah
english- that class is soo funny, i actually like it "shut up fatty, take your ass-mar meds !!" hahah

sooooo now im home..... bored.. hoping to do SOMETHING tonight... kay................bye

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[ mood | crazy ]

some pictures from 8th grade. LOOK HOW LITTLE WE ARE... AWE


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alrighhtttttt [17 Oct 2005|09:38pm]
[ mood | sad ]

soo.. im gunna talk about everything i miss... i dont know why..

i miss 8th grade
i miss the stupid conversations me, maddie, kelly, andrew, donna and mike would have at lunch in 8th grade
i miss maddie
i miss donna
i miss alot of west kids
i miss lunch 4th period last year with the best people ever
i miss alexa smithhhhhh and our stupidity in math =]
i miss global from last year with james and josh
i miss ms. caronias retarded 9th period class
i miss my cousins that live in maryland
i miss watching the mets on tv
i miss not seeing my hubby david wright everyday on tv.
i miss somethings but i shall not name them.......

well that was fun bye<3

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craaabbbbbbb [14 Oct 2005|08:16pm]
[ mood | bored ]

bored bored bored bored.

so im doing a survey that i took from dianaaaa

The Basics ...................................
Name? megan
Sex? female
Birthday? may 22 1990
Location? long islandd
Height? 5'2" heeeeehehe
Weight? 117
Hair Color? brown
Eye Color? brown
Social Life ............................................
Who is your best friend(s)? kelly, andrew, maddie, donna, diana, jess, katie, kelly h.
Would you rather be alone, hangout with one other person, or in a group? group
What would you consider a typical Friday nite? hanging out with my friends
How often do you go out on the weekend? i try to go out alot
Would you rather spend the day with your family or friends? friends.
Love Life.......................................
Are you single? yes
If so, do u have a crush? kinda
What is his/her name? I CANT TELL YOU
How long have you two been together? ----
This or That........................
Night or Day? night
Cat or Dog? dog
Ugly and Sweet or Hott and Mean? ugly and sweet
Hot or Cold? hot
Tall or Short? ...........short
Prep of Punk? prep
Winter or Summer? summer
McDonalds or Burgerking? mcdonalds
Hard or Soft? ................
Yes or No? wtf?
Do you drink? no. AND IM PROUDDDDDd
Have you ever gotten drunk? no, ill never drink in my lifetime
Do you smoke? find an easier way to kill yourself
Have you ever gotten high? no, and i don't plan on it
Are you prude? private !
Are you a virgin? private !
Are you smart? eh
Are you ugly? nahhh im decent i guess
Are you pretty? sure
Are you trustworthy? yesssssssss
How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had? a few.........
How many pairs of shoes do you have that actually fit? alot.
What size bra do you wear? why the heck do you wanna know?
Have you ever colored your hair? nope and i dont plan on it
What pieces of jewlery do you wear everyday? my tinkerbell necklace =] and 3 rings. wooo
Do you have a cell phone? yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Name three things you "can't live without" my friends, family, ....... METSSSSSSSSS
Who do you talk to the most on aim? phone? kelly, andrew, dianaaaaaaa
What color(s) is your room? ...........psht..... freakin white
Do you have a computer in your room? no =[
What time do you usually go to bed? wake up? 10-11pm ... 6 am for school... 11:30pm WEEKENDSSSS 10:30am
What's your favorite clothes store? american eagle, a+f, pac sun
Do you wear makeup? ya
Do you paint your nails? ya
What size shoe are you? 7 1/2

that wasted about 10 mins of my sucky life.


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weezer = life <33333 [12 Oct 2005|03:37pm]
[ mood | happy ]




number 1.... THE YANKEES LOST MONDAY NIGHT ... BOOYAAAA, that made my weekkkkk



and other things.. BUT IM NOT TELLING YOUUU hehehehehehhe <33333333333

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it's like your a drug, it's like your a demon [09 Oct 2005|02:47pm]
[ mood | bored ]

i took this from diana. cause..... I LOVE BASEBALL <3

Pick your favorite baseball team and fill out the following survey. You may use other players from other teams as well.

TEAM: .. thats a toughy... METS <3333333333

Top Five Favorite Outfielders

1. mike cameron (rf)

2. carlos beltran(cf)

3. victor diaz (rf)

4. cliff floyd (lf)

5. vladimir guerrero (angels)

Top Five Favorite Infielders

1. DAVID WRIGHT <3333333333333 (3b)

2. jose reyes (SS)

3. john olerud (boston)

4. mike jacobs (1b)

5. david eckstein (cardinals)

Top Five Favorite Players Based Strictly on Looks

1. DAVID WRIGHT <33333333333333333333333

2. jose reyes (ss)

3. kris benson (pitcher)

4. tom glavine (pitcher)

5. JOE MCEWING <3333333333 (2b) (royales)

Top Five Players Who are Gaying Up Baseball:

this should be funnnn =]

1. derek jeter (yankees)

2. a-rod (yankees)

3. jason giambi (yankees)

4. the rest of the freakin yankees. except al leiter cause i still love him even though he's not a met anymore

5. andy pettitte (astros)

Top Five Favorite Catchers

1. ramon castro (mets)

2. jason varitek (red sox)

3. mike jacobs.. or he may stay at 1st?

4. TODD PRATT <33 (i miss him on the mets) ... (phillies)

5. mike lieberthal (phillies)

Top Five Favorite Pitchers

1. pedro martinez (mets)

2. kris benson (mets)

3. tom glavine (mets)

4. curt shilling (red sox)

5. steve trachsel (mets)




that was fun. obviously .. i love my mets.  DEAL. <3

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your eyes, they sparkled [05 Oct 2005|02:51pm]
[ mood | bored ]

wow i havent updated in quite some time.

okay so ... sat.. andrew came over for a bit so he could kick my ass.. ya right. i totally owned. yeaaaa.. then went to jess' partyyy funnn =] "1 down 3 to go" haha i lost my voice and i sounded like a boy going through puberty.. god. yaaa
sunday- st james day and funny i live like a block away from lake ave(where it is) and i didn go. i think this was the first year i didn go to st james day. oh well.. i was exhausted from jess' party and then at like 4ish kell and andrew came overrr pillow fighting.. what else is new? and uhmm we have some discusions.. serious talks.. and then knocked the crap out of eachother with pillows some more.. "ITS THE INITIATION PROCESS YOU HAVE TO DO IT !!" haha ya then they had to leave.. we played tag outside on my front lawn waiting for there parentals to come, then kell left and it was just me and andrew, played some more tag and his faja camee.. then i had to write an essay.msdgkldkfjkfbh yaaa
**and it was the last met game.. and mike piazza's last game of being a met. it was really sad, i hate mike piazza but i started getting teary eyed watching stuff on diamond vision of the many years he was a met, and mike piazza waving to the fans and the stadium going nuts.. it was sad.. =[

monday- no point of going to school cause we had the next 2 days off..?? AND I DID NOT SEE DIANA! my day was ruined. ya that day was just... ahhh cause there was no point. got home, TOOK A NAPPPP =]=] then babysat.. eerkfklklm,dfm,gdsg
tuesday- went to kellys at 3ish and hung out talked about her sweet 16 and helped her pick out songs for the people to dance too.. i picked some pretty sweet songs. =] and we made a salad. SKILLSSSS

and today im doing nothinggg.. school 2morra funnnnnnnn ya byeee

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what'cha gonna do with all that junk inside that trunkkkkk [26 Sep 2005|07:43pm]
[ mood | content ]

i must update my weekend cause it was pretty sick.

sat night i went to diana's with katie and jesssssss good times
NOTE TO ALL YOU PEOPLE. don't mix soda and pixie stix together.. the soda explodes all over the place, since were idiots... we did that twice.. cause WERE FREAKIN IDIOTSSSS..... good times. i swear i cried like 15 times from laughing so hard.. and we took some weird pictures .. yaaaaaa and we went to sleep relatively early..but i woke up at 2 with dianas cat in my face.. scared the crap out of me.. yaaa and we had like 100,000 pixie stix and were extremly hyper GOOD TIMESSSSS

sunday was a weird day i was depressed. it sucked

today- bio 2 periods. FUN! and also for the rest of the week im carrying an egg baby around.. and her name is Riley Ann Wright (((cause im married to david wright.. DUHHH!!!!))) alright..

math- ...mathhhh we had a fire drill at the end of the period.. woot woot
global- had a quiz in which i totally forgot about.. woopsiess
spanish- my teacher was in a bad mood cause my class is retarded.. hehehe
gym- we ran SJ"DPgoE(Rt9-a4eypioj
lunch- it was jessica's birthdayyyyyy =)
child development- lots of egg babys... and i was laughing for 15 mins cause jess was singing when our teacher was talking and then our teacher stopped talking and she was still singing.. i dont know why but i found it soooo funny and i just kept laughing.. yes.. thats meeeee
english- odrjhdfh boring today.

came home.. did hw.. fixed my egg babies basket thingy.. and yaaaaaaaa


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well im never coming home [24 Sep 2005|10:58am]
[ mood | cold ]


yesterday was so much fun
i went to wests homecoming and i saw all my west friends. it was great. lots of hugs cause i havent seen this people in so freakin long.. so yes it was good seeing everyone.
and thats pretty much it.
possibly doing stuff laterrrrr =]
and it's freakin cold out today. jeez

41 days till these ugly gray things on my teeth come off. =]


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well there never gunna get me [22 Sep 2005|06:18pm]
[ mood | happy ]


WHAT NOW?   =] =] =] yyayayayaya

yes. schools been good. i actually kinda like it? weiiiiiiiiirrdddddd so ya i just felt like informing you all that i shall be brace free on november 4th 2005 actually ill have them on untill 1:30 and then im gunna get taken out of school early and there coming off !!!!!!!!!lk!&**($*#()$()*)!#()!@$



and my chemical romance is the shiz right now cause im listening to them and im in a realllllyyy good mood.

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i'll keep you my dirty little secret [19 Sep 2005|06:17pm]
[ mood | sick ]


sunday- so much fun, went to the beach with kelly, andrew and ryan.. yes we go to the beach in september.. DEALLLLL just kidding. so ya went jetskiing i went 40 again.. ya yaaaaaaa then me kell and ryan went on the raft "im the king of the worldddddddddddddd" and i got a random cut on my foot and it really hurt and i have no idea how i got it.. maybe a fish bit me =p (cough trying to scare kelly) and the water was soooo shallow that we pretty much walked out to connecticut and it was still up to my knees.. and there were alot of crabs.. kelly flipped everytime she saw one, pushed eachother in the water.. ya know the normal stuff then we went on the playground cause were cool. climbed up the slide not using the stairs actually running up the slide. cause were even cooler so ya my dad picked me up and it was like 6:30ish when i got home showered did hw.. and yaaaaa school was the next day. yippeeeeee

and for like the past week i've had soar throat, cough, and now i have the stuffy nose.. WHAT THE HECK. i dont have the soar throat anymore.. i kinda have a little cough.. but my nose is killing me and i wanna get better cause i hate being sick it sucks.

soooooooooooooo school was great. okay bye

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